Adam Void

Spring 2015 * Multiple International Sticker Exhibitions * Dublin, Bulgaria, Romania, New Zealand, Italy

This Spring, Adam Void will be participating in several International Sticker Exhibitions.


Stick Around 2 - Bucharest, Romania - May

In Wall We Trust - Airola, Italy - June

Mixed Up - Burgas, Bulgaria - June

All Stuck Up - Dublin, Ireland - July

and earlier this year,

Stick Em Up - Christchurch, New Zealand - March

April 3rd * Videobomb * Dope Chapel * Norman, OK

dopechapelVelveteen and the Videobombers are at it again. This time, they are bringing the best of experimental video to Norman, Oklahoma's Dope Chapel. The harsh noise act, Shishio will perform over one cycle of videos, while multiple other screens will show a second video from selected artists. The group, Street Sects (Austin, TX) will also be making sounds at this show. If you are in the area, come check out some controlled insanity, and see a tester reel of Adam Void's moniker video as well as an exclusive screening of Karim Tabbaa & Adam Void's Dayspot Heroes.

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March 28th – March 29th * Publications & Multiples Fair VI * Baltimore Design School * Baltimore, MD

pmf-poster-websiteIf you are in Baltimore and have a paper fetish, come check out DYLAN THADANI's table at Open Space's Publications & Multiples Fair VI.

He will have copies of Adam Void & Sarz TKG's Break Glass zine, Chelsea Ragan's second edition of Hands Up Don't Shoot, and many more revolutionary texts.

Building on five consecutive years of growing print celebrations, Open Space is thrilled to present PMF VI, the Sixth Annual Publications & Multiples Fair, taking place March 28th and 29th, 2015 at the Baltimore Design School. This annual exposition provides the opportunity to admire, collect, and discuss artist publications, prints, and objects produced in multiple. Join us for this cornerstone event featuring works from over 100 local and national artists, and on-site programming all weekend. The fair is free and open to the public.

Date: March 28th & 29th
Time: 12 PM to 6 PM Saturday & Sunday
Location: Baltimore Design School
1500 Barclay St, Baltimore, MD 21202

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Vandalog, Brooklyn Street Art & the Long Island Pulse release analysis of Concrete To Data

Amid many other press release regurgitation and hype stirring blips, Vandalog, Brooklyn Street Art & The Long Island Pulse have put out thought provoking reviews of the exhibition, Concrete To Data.

Click on the titles to read the full ***


From New Yawk City Walls to virtual reality


Concrete to Data

This weekend, a particularly forward-thinking yet historically mindful street and graffiti exhibition opens at Long Island University. CONCRETE To DATA, curated by Ryan Seslow, explores the history of street art and graffiti from golden age of NYC subway graffiti through to the emerging potential for digital public art in forms such as virtual reality environments and animated GIFs.

CONCRETE To DATA includes work by many Vandalog contributors and friends including Caroline Caldwell,Gaiaekg, and Yoav Litvin. Seslow also included my book Viral Art and our collaborative project Encrypted Fills in the exhibition. On some level, CONCRETE To DATA feels like vindication and the physical manifestation of Viral Art, albeit through the eyes of another curator. Seslow and I both have a deep love for early street art and graffiti, as well as a belief that some contemporary digital art is created and disseminated in that same spirit.

In a fitting coincidence, the exhibition takes place at the Steinberg Museum of Art at Long Island University in Brookville, NY and will run during the 10-year anniversary of Tawkin’ New Yawk City Walls, an exhibition curated by John Fekner that took place in the same space in 2005. Tawkin’ New Yawk City Walls was actually conceptually similar to CONCRETE To DATA, not just another street art exhibition in the same space. Ahead of his time as always, Fekner included digital works in Tawkin’ New Yawk City Walls and arguably even hints at the possibility of viral art in the exhibition’s curatorial essay. A decade later and the world predicted in Tawkin’ New Yawk City Walls has come to fruition, and artists are creating new works for a new world, as seen in CONCRETE To DATA. In this way, Seslow provides an important and expansive update to his friend Fekner’s exhibition.

But CONCRETE to DATA is more than an exhibition to promote digital media as a route for contemporary street art and graffiti. It’s also an exhibition that attempts to capture, again much like Tawkin’ New Yawk City Walls, the most interesting elements of the contemporary streetscape in NYC and place those in a historical context alongside the best of previous generations. There’s work from Adam VOIDSwoon, Gaia, Fekner, Cash4, and many others. So, there are visuals to enjoy too.

Adam VOID's installation at CONCRETE to DATA

Adam VOID’s installation at CONCRETE to DATA

CONCRETE to DATA opens on Friday, February 6th from 6-9pm and runs through March 21st. Learn more here. I’ll be missing the opening because I’ll be at Sam Heimer‘s Why Are You Here?, opening that same night at LMNL Gallery in Philadelphia, but I’m really looking forwarding to checking out CONCRETE to DATA in person soon.

The Long Island Pulse

The Writing on the Wall

Graffiti expands its voice and reach at CW Post

Author: Drew Moss

... The culturally conscious works of Adam VOID and EKG speak directly to the unrest that pervades our city, our country, our world. Both artists dig in with a sense of anger, irreverence and disillusionment, and both evoke the pre-hip hop literacy of Jean-Michel Basquiat and in some sense, the sardonic toughness of rappers Nas and Mos Def. VOID’s depiction of New York City entitled “New York is Nothing” turns The New York Times in on itself and reads like a subway map to disenchantment. At the end of the line he warns us to “Abandon Ship!” because this apple, in his view, is rotting.


Adam VOID, “History of the World.”

EKG’s “Voice of Dissent” also recalls Basquiat’s fractured, postmodernist, Post-It sensibility, hacking out notes of desperation and angst. His scratch-off scrawl on murals depicts a world of minimalist sci-fi that gives life to the blips and squeaks of a short-circuited collective consciousness. When he writes across his mural, “heartbeat of the city, pulse of the populace, voice of dissent,” we see that voice manifest in deep-red chicken scratch. It is urgent, brimming with dark humor and threatens to overflow into violence. It all somehow reeks of legitimacy. The casual consensus is that graffiti is unsophisticated vandalism—an outgrowth of misguided anger and boredom. In pulling these divergent artists together on various fronts, Seslow’s curation brings graffiti, and the artists who create it, out of the shadows and into the light. “I love to bring awareness to each person’s creative potential,” said Seslow. “Self-expression is our birthright. We all have it, and I believe it’s part of our life’s mission to find it and engage it.” -

Brooklyn Street Art


Curator and artist Ryan Seslow has pulled off an overview of art on the streets and the practices employed, minus the drama. So much discussion of graffiti, Street Art, and public art practice can concentrate on lore and turf war, intersections with illegality, the nature of the “scene”, shades of xenophobia and class structures; all crucial for one’s understanding from a sociological/anthropological perspective.

“Concrete to Data”, opening this week at the Steinberg Museum of Art on Long Island, gives more of the spotlight to the historical methods and media that are used to disseminate a message, attempting to forecast about future ways of communicating that may effectively bridge the gap between the physical and the virtual.

Seslow has assembled an impressive cross section of artists, practitioners, photographers, academics, theorists, and street culture observers over a five-decade span. Rather than overreaching to exhaustion, it can give a representative overview of how each are adding to this conversation, quickly presenting this genre’s complexity by primarily discussing its methods alone.

Here is a sneak peek of the the concrete (now transmitted digitally); a few of the pieces for the group exhibition that have gone up in the last week in the museum as the show is being installed.


John Fekner. Detail of his stencils in place and ready to be sprayed on. Concrete To Data. Steinberg Museum of Art. LIU (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Henry Chalfant. Detail. Concrete To Data. Steinberg Museum of Art. LIU (photo © Jaime Rojo)

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February 12 – February 15 * Let’s Get Xeroxing * Book and Job Gallery * San Francisco, CA

tumblr_njo2160ipm1r5o8i8o2_1280tumblr_njo2160ipm1r5o8i8o3_1280If you are in the SF area, come out to Book and Job Gallery this weekend to see Let's Get Xeroxing from Michael Jang & The Photocopy Club. It features two 18" x 24" xerox prints of Adam's Fuji Instax 210 Instant Photography, as well as copies of the In Case Of... mini-zine from Sarz TKG & Adam Void.

(415) 857-4330

838 Geary Street

San Francisco, CA

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January 31 – February 1 * Postcards from the Edge * Luhring Augustine * Manhattan, NY


We are proud to support Visual Aids for the Fifth year in a row. Come down and find a new styrofoam block print from Adam Void, along with work from many great artists.

Known within the art world as the most exciting and affordable way to add to a collection, Postcards From the Edge offers a unique opportunity for buyers to acquire original, postcard-sized artwork for less than a round of cocktails. Each artist only signs the back of the work, and their name is revealed after purchased. With the playing field leveled, all participants can take home a piece by an internationally famous artist, or someone new to the art scene. Either way everyone adds a new treasure to their collection, while feeling good about supporting an important cause.


• Saturday January 31, 2015 from 10am - 6pm

• Sunday February 1, 2015 from 12pm to 4pm

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January 26th – March 21st * Concrete to Data * Steinberg Museum of Art * Brookville, NY


The emphasis of this exhibition will celebrate techniques, styles and methods of generating street art and graffiti as the movements have transcended from the 1970’s through today’s new media technologies. The works range from ephemeral on site murals to site specific arrangements and installations. Techniques with aerosol paint, stencil, brush application, paste-ups, assemblage, sculpture, screen-printing, photography, video art, GIF animations, virtual reality and internet technologies are represented. The works will be installed and composed simultaneously into the museum’s indoor space. An outdoor installation will run during the show’s duration as well as an ongoing digital platform accessible via an internet connection.

Featuring work from:  General Howe – CAKE – Leon Reid IV – Chris Stain – Abe Lincoln Jr. – Luna Park – RJ Rushmore – Martha Cooper – John Fekner – Don Leicht – Ryan Seslow – Herb Smith – Henry Chalfant – Monique Spier – Chris RWK – Lady Pink – GAIA – Swoon – SEBS – Jaime Rojo – Jilly Ballistic – Col Wallnuts – Oyama Enrico Isamu Letter – Hrag Vartanian – Billy Mode – Inspire 1 – Yoav Litvin – Katie Yamasaki – Garrison Buxton – Joe Iurato – Adam VOID – Caroline Caldwell – EKG & Cash4 – EKG – Scott Tongue – Daniel Feral – Encrypted Fills

CONCRETE to DATA will be exhibited at the Steinberg Museum of Art, Brookville, NY January 26th 2015 – March 21st 2015.

Curated by Ryan Seslow

720 Northern Boulevard,
Brookville, NY 11548-1300
Phone: 516-299-4073;
Fax: 516-299-2787

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December 13 * Holiday Office Bash * Meadows of Dan * Carrboro, NC

imagesAdam Void will be performing noise blasts at a secret lair, deep in the deer-spotted woodlands of Carrboro, NC.

along with...

rare USA performance by Australian resident
anthropocosmic explorations
releases on Space Idea Tapes & Hot Releases
cracked casio
spacesuit filling up with water
nearing academia
plus maybe Cactus ???

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December 13 * Holiday Group Show * Scumbags and Superstars * Brooklyn, NY

scumVery excited that Adam Void was included in this year's Scumbags and Superstars Holiday Group Show. Check out the website if you are not familiar with the freak-out artist apparel shop.

Artists include, Chip7, Erik Jacobus, Gunsho, Amanda Wong, Keith Kaves, Justin Angelo, Dark Clouds, Droid, Abandoned Fetus, Napkin Killer, Ben Lande, ScareCrowOven, Don Pablo Pedro, Chris RWK, Remi Gil, Conrad Carlson, Wizard Skull, Raz, Corpse Collision, Baghead, Kaput, Wolftits, Smurfo, Adam Void, and Jah Jah.

16 Wilson Avenue

Bushwick Brooklyn

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Doomed Calendar 2015 * Doomed Gallery * Dalston, London, UK


Featuring:  Dugalo Etheredge, Adam Void, William Douglas, Mike Crawford, Karen Isaac, Peter Ryrder, Alexandra Hoehn, Youzi Laurie Mercer, Rafael Fuchs, David Newby, Bruno Lourenco, & Matthijs Diederiks

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Adam Void

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