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November 29 * Black Friday Black Market Cassettes * Little Baby’s Ice Cream * Philadelphia, PA

In honor of America’s time-honored obsession with the weekend after Thanksgiving, Little Baby’s Ice Cream hosts:black-friday-black-market-tapes-logo

Black Friday Black Market Cassettes
A Pop-Up Black Market Cassette Shop

Friday, November 29
6:00 – 10:00pm
Little Baby’s Ice Cream
–> World Headquarters <–
2311 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, Pa 19125
Saturday, November 30
6:00 – 10:00pm
Little Baby’s Ice Cream
–> Cedar Park Embassy <–
4903 Catharine Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19143

Organized by curator Lee Tusman, this temporary pop-up cassette market presents selected field recordings of audio recorded around the world. Up to 100 cassettes will be available, including the audio of Laotian funeral ceremonies, New Orleans marching bands, audio from inside a sensory deprivation tank, recordings of waves breaking in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, Javanese gamelan recordings, and much much more. All of the cassettes are hand-recorded and ideally listened to on tape, but will also be compiled to an online audio stream. It’s the perfect time to buy that special christmas gift.

The tapes will feature audio recordings of Adam Void playing the Moog Sonic Six Synthesizer at Moog Music's HQ in Asheville, NC.

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November 30 * International Streaming Festival * Het Nutshuis * The Hague, NL

If you are in The Netherlands, specifically Den Haag (The Hague), Saturday November 30th, please come out to Het Nutshuis to see Adam Void's video, Floodplain: Manmade.

If you are not in The Netherlands, you can still see the video online in the full exhibition of experimental video at the Streaming Festival website.

The 8th Edition of the International Streaming Festival For Audio Visual Art will be hosting the screening of over 180 short experimental videos, as well as online curated screenings.


The Streaming Festival is an art event for independent artists exhibiting unconventional audio-visual art from all over the world. This event takes place once a year.
In addition to the festival, there is a growing permanent collection with video and sound art which can be viewed at all times. To be included in this collection is only available to screened artist on the Streaming Festival.
Anyone with an internet connection can plug into a festival stream from any location, at any given time, and start viewing contemporary sound and video art.

The Streaming Festival is an art event for independent artists exhibiting unconventional audio-visual art from all over the world. This event takes place once a year.

In addition to the festival, there is a growing permanent collection with video and sound art which can be viewed at all times. To be included in this collection is only available to screened artist on the Streaming Festival.

Anyone with an internet connection can plug into a festival stream from any location, at any given time, and start viewing contemporary sound and video art.

Het Nutshuis at the Riviervismarkt 5, 2513 AM in The Hague, The Netherlands

Doors open at 8:00pm.

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November 23 * Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair * The Nightlight * Carrboro, NC


This Saturday, The Underground Editions table is going to show / sell some work from Adam Void at this year's Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair. Please come check out Adam's photobook Visions of Ghosts, and his political screenprints.

Saturday November 23rd from 11am – 7pm.

The Nightlight405 W Rosemary St in Chapel Hill.

Workshops will be hosted throughout the day at Internationalist Books405 W Franklin St.

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November 1 * NEXT * Castell Photography Gallery * Asheville, NC


Come out Friday, November 1st to Castell Photography Gallery in Asheville, NC for NEXT new photographic visions.

Curated by Allen Thomas Jr., longtime collector with a keen eye for contemporary photography, and Larry Wheeler, Director of the NC Museum of Art; NEXT will feature work from Local, National, and International photographers producing cutting-edge contemporary photography.

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October 25 * The Arts of Darkness 3 * PUSH Gallery * Asheville, NC

artsofdarkness 3This Friday, October 25th, come out to PUSH Gallery in Asheville, NC for a Halloween themed art show & costume party. The event is 7-10pm following an all day cook-out and costumed skate extravaganza at the Foundation Spot near the river.

Work will be shown from Julie Armbruster, Josh Rhinehart, Travis Medford, Severn Eaton, Richard Kirby, Adam Void, Alli Good, Nathanael Roney, Gus Cutty, Kim Turley, Leif Erik Johansen, and Ted Harper.

I will be debuting my newest print / drawings about hooded prisoners from Abu Gharib. Good Times.


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Vandalog looks at video art from street artists

RJ Rushmore at Vandalog has once again made a very astute and (from what I've seen) novel comparison between the cut-and-paste aesthetics of zine making and video art. Please read the article at the blog to get the full picture.

From mark-making to video art with Adam Void, ekg and Swampy

September 28th, 2013 | By re

AVOID pi, ekg and Swampy

Outdoor work by AVOID pi, ekg and Swampy

This month, Swampy and ekg both released quite unexpected video pieces on YouTube, and I happened see a relatively new piece by Adam Void aka AVOID pi for the first time (even though it was uploaded in June). What I find so interesting about these three artists making these videos is that all three come from a sort of alternative mark-making tradition that doesn’t fall neatly into street art, hip hop graffiti or that grey area in between street art and graffiti where artists paint logos instead of letters. Although Swampy, ekg and AVOID pi’s outdoor may at first glance appear to fit in with grey area, I think there’s something different about what these three are doing (as well as artists like DROID 907 or stikman) and what artists like Pez or ChrisRWKor members of the now-defunct Burning Candy crew do. There’s nothing wrong with Burning Candy or Pez or ChrisRWK, but this is different. With Swampy, AVOID pi and ekg, there’s a sense that they are drawing from a larger tradition of public mark-making like Situationist graffiti, zine culture, art theory and freight train monikers. And of course, all three have made zines.

These three new videos seem to have been influenced by zines rather than the endless stream of timelapse and interview videos that most street artists and graffiti writers either make themselves or contribute to. The rough cuts remind me of the collages in zines and if the videos were cut into a series of stills, they would seem right at home in a zine (or in ekg’s case, a flipbook/zine).

Even ekg’s video, the most “normal” of the bunch, is not your straight-up animation or timelapse. ekg’s video is a promotional video for his show at Pandemic Gallery (opening in about 1 hour) and a timelapse of sorts, but it still has a video art feel rather than the feel of a slick and perfectly produced promo video developed by someone in charge of PR for the show. And it fits somewhere between animation and timelapse, since it’s a timelapse of a massive artwork coming together, but it’s an animation in that the piece is never really in-progress in the way that a normal timelapse video clearly shows work “half-done” at some point. With ekg, the work is just progressing and each frame of the animation/timelapse could be considered a piece. The video is more an exploration of the format and an artwork than a promotional video for his show. Interestingly, Adam Void’s video has a similar shot to what ekg has done at about the 30-second mark.

Adam Void and Swampy’s videos are surprisingly similar: Both consisting of intentionally low-fi video-diary-like series of clips shot with handheld cameras. Yes, the videos show some graffiti, but they show a lot more than that too. These videos give context to the graffiti that the artists make. They give us a little bit more of a sense of their lives. It’s easy to say “Those guys write graffiti and make zines” and put them in a box, but videos like these complicate their perceived identities.

What is it about these artists that they have all turned to experimenting with video art after becoming known for a particular style of drawn, painted and printed work? Is it just a coincidence, or is there something about ekg, Swampy, Adam Void and possibly other artists doing similar things that draws them to video art? Are YouTube videos like these a logical transition from zines, graffiti or street art? I’m curious what people think. Let me know in the comments.

Photos by RJ Rushmore

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October 3-6th * Freedom Is Not For Sale * Emerge Art Fair * Washington, DC

Void Ragan_Freedom Is Not For Sale1

If you're in the DC / Baltimore Metro area, please come out to the Emerge Art Fair October 3-6 at the Capitol Skyline Hotel.

Adam Void & Chelsea Ragan will be debuting their new sculptural installation, "Freedom Is Not For Sale," an active installation exploring nomadic cultures, makeshift homesteads, and life "off the grid." This folk-art Wunderkammer highlights the beautiful struggle of life on the road by coupling handcrafted treasures with found oddities.

The work will be located beside the pool, so come through, enjoy the last warm days of 2013, and see a well-curated collection of the world's emerging artists and galleries.

Emerge Art Fair

Capitol Skyline Hotel
10 “I” Street, SW
Washington D.C., DC 20024
(Cross Street is S Capitol Street SE)

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Anarkitty #3 * Queer & Anarchist, Art & Writing Zine


Big Thanks to Kieran Sage for including two pages of artwork from Adam Void in the new issue of Anarkitty.

Anarkitty is a DIY zine about Queer and Anarchist artwork, writings, and cats.

You can view a pdf of the new issue here, or buy a print copy here.

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August 30th * PrintOcracy * Asheville Bookworks * Asheville, NC

PrintOcracy, A Fresh Print Movement.
August 30 – Nov 30, 2013.

**Adam Void's print, "Mental Hygiene Warrant" was chosen by juror, Bill Fick, to remain on exhibit until November 30th. Please go by Asheville Bookworks to see the full exhibit of Mr. Fick's selections.

Asheville BookWorks is pleased to announce an inaugural event, PrintOcracy, conceived as a biennial printmaking exhibit featuring works on paper with emphasis on contemporary print culture. Prints including one or more of the following printmaking processes will be shown: all forms of relief printing including letterpress; screen printing; engraving; intaglio; lithography; and alternative print processes.

Adam Void will be showing three new hand painted screen prints along with other contemporary printmakers from around the country.

PrintOcracy Weekend opens Friday, August 30, reception 6 – 9 PM

PrintOcracy will feature juror, Bill Fick, a printmaker who lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He is the founder/director of Supergraphic, a new open to the public printmaking studio in Durham, North Carolina. He is also a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Art, Art History and Visual Studies at Duke University where he teaches drawing, comics and zines. His work has been exhibited from New York City to Seoul, South Korea and can be found in the collections of the Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, Massachusetts; The New York Public Library, New York, New York; and the Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University. In 1993 Fick was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Visual Artist Fellowship and in 1995 a North Carolina Arts Council Artist Fellowship. Fick is also co-author with Beth Grabowski of Printmaking: A Complete Guide to Materials and Processes published by Laurence King Publishing, London.

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August 1st * Videobomb Summer Saga * Fitness Center for Arts & Tactics * Brooklyn, NY

Thursday August 1st, Brooklyn's Fitness Center for Arts & Tactics will host the second installment of videos from the Videobomb collection.

This Summer's collection focuses on the central imagery of Water & Chaos.


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Floodplain: Manmade by Adam Void

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