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Urban Arts Fest w/ Mighty Tanaka & AVOID pi

This Saturday, October 3rd, check out the Urban Arts Fest happening at Castle Braid on Troutman St. in Bushwick BK, NY. Take the L Train to the Morgan stop and cross Flushing up Evergreen until you see the big, out of place condo.

The Flier

The Flier

Mark Batty Publishing enlisted my friend and supporter, Mighty Tanakato co-curate the event. I am sure that what Tanaka brings to the table will be 100% quality, however I do have mixed feelings about the gentrifying aspects of the event. There will be live music from DJs including Jam Master J's son, a full skate ramp ??(as to if its a half pipe or trickier), and many reputable names in the street (Martha Cooper, Remo, Ellis G, among others).

Graffiti and Street Art is about open access to art and visual information in the public sphere. To showcase works typically found in the street for free and charge admission to a new condo in an area where affordable housing is still present (for now), is against my personal viewpoint of what graffiti is all about. My piece "Time for Somethin" is on view at this event to show support for Mighty Tanaka and to make an impact/statement to the people who will see it. 

With support from, Brooklyn Street Art, and the Village Voice, among other news sources, this should be a big event. Enjoy yourself, but do not forget the purpose and orginal intent behind the art presented.

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