The Avant-Garde alive. Despite the proclamations that "everything has been done", it is possible to address the needs of our current era while pushing the boundaries of cultural acceptance. The avant-garde is an artistic, social, and political force that must first manifest itself in our day-to-day actions. Once we have changed ourselves, then we can place this energy into our work. The goal of the avant-garde is to simultaneously reject the propagandized mass culture while demonstrating a new world that embodies our values. Throughout my life, I have chosen a lifestyle that is in accordance with the avant-garde; from the overt radicalism of punk rock, homelessness, and direct action, to the covert revolutions of graffiti, self-education, and sustainable living.

My work embraces the avant-garde in subject, distribution, and medium. This is achieved through widening the spectrum of Art's focus, bringing into view the lives of many groups that are underrepresented in the Arts. It is my mission to then show these works in a manner that scrambles the presumed hierarchy of exhibition spaces; in newspapers, magazines, journals, zines, fliers, online, DIY schools, museums, colleges, art fairs, galleries, reading rooms, freight trains, US mail, and the streets. Each messenger reaches a different and equally important audience.

In my work, I utilize junk paint and dumpstered rollers to create political slogans on abandoned factories; scraps of cardboard are collaged with children's drawings, forgotten letters, and anonymous prison paperwork; children's toys are combined with painted sandstone and mealworms. This process of bricolage (a poetic combining of ready-at-hand materials) celebrates the improvisational, the ramshackle, and the imperfect, through exposing the primacy embodied in naive creation and the objects we leave behind.