Adam Void transforms the debris of contemporary society into works that address social & political issues of class, control, and community. He is dedicated to exploring the details of countercultures particular to his experience: DIY, graffiti, hard traveling, direct action, mysticism, the non-urban experience, and the concept of "the outsider."

A.Void has presented his work nationally with institutions such as The Brooklyn Academy of Music, Printed Matter, The Steinberg Museum of Art, and Wexner Center for the Arts, as well as non-conventional spaces including Anarchist Infoshops, Dive Motels, Skate Shops, and Water Drainage Tunnels. His work has been featured in SCAM, Juxtapoz, Showpaper, and Maximum Rocknroll, in addition to the websites, Vandalog, Art In America, Artforum, and Brooklyn Street Art. His work can be found in the esteemed collections of Museum Directors, Tent City Alcoholics, Legends of Noise-Punk, Futurologists, Pioneers of Hip-Hop, International Fashion Designers, Incarcerated Criminals, Angry Teenagers, Pro Skateboarders, and Freight Hopping Panhandlers.

Adam was born and raised in the American South, and has lived for many years in overpopulated cities. He currently resides in a remote outpost, deep in the mountains of Southern Appalachia.